Our Story

Here at Cattywampus, we slay dragons, design new worlds, sail on paper boats and often have tea with the cow who jumped over the moon – it’s all in a day’s work and we’d like to invite you to be a part of it.

It all started when we exchanged our pens for crayons, desk for blanket forts and set our creative outlets free! We missed playing in cubby houses, setting up secret spaces in the wardrobe or under the dining room table. We missed seeing things from a new perspective and having all the fun in the world, like kids would do. We wanted to experience all of that again and more importantly, we wanted to create those experiences for little ones.

We chose this path because we have a strong belief that our kids have the answers to a world of peace, magic and wonder, which all stems from their creativity and Imagination. We value the inner child, no matter how old you are and decided to combine that with our passion for design and creativity.

Then Cattywampus was born.

It was, and still is, the perfect outlet to share our values and creations with others, while having fun at our day jobs! We decided that the world needed a bit more of that tangible, loving feeling that was lost when we replaced rocking horses for Gameboys and hand-sewn dolls for apps on the phone.

We had a nostalgic appreciation of the simplicity you could enjoy as a child and knew that other parents felt the same. We wanted to bring back the beauty of imagination. So, we created these safe spaces, hideaways and nooks, which allow kids a world of their own to foster imagination.

We started our journey with a commitment to change the world by creating beautiful magical spaces that cultivates the magic in our children, and the commitment remains.

We’d like to invite you into the Imaginations Playground. Bring your crayons and leave your worries behind – Love the team from Cattywampus