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      The Wild Dove Teepee has landed.

      A cosy grey nest where dreams can fly away on, or where heads can lay after long adventures through time and space. It’s time to bring the wonder of imagination back and live in the magic of the moment. Whether you’re a child or an adult, you know you’d want this secret, comfy place to hideaway.

       Loved by kids, approved by mums!

      It’s the perfect gift for your little dreamer or for the stylist in you! Add it to your child’s room and put your own magic touch to it with garlands, lights, pillows and toys. Create a unique space for them to unleash their imagination and reach new planets of potentials. Did we mention it only takes minutes to set this up? Yep.

      The details…

      It’s made in a soft grey tone, which nestles itself in the perfect spot between black and white. This neutral and comforting colour is on the rise in interior design and is easy to fit with your child’s bedroom, playroom or lounge room. It makes the perfect hideaway for a little snooze or play and is surely big enough for your little one’s imagination to run wild!

      I’m not trying to tempt you but…

      I’m made of durable high-quality cotton canvas

      I come pre-assembled… no time spent threading poles!

      I’m lightweight and portable…so you can take me on any adventure

      I’ve got ties on my doors…making me the perfect hideout

      I even have a flap on my window…peek-a-boo!

      My insides have a pocket for storing treasures

      My base is made of rubber stoppers for that extra grip…in case we go on wild adventures!

      I’m exclusively here for your little one…an imaginative space they can call their own with a FREE fold-foiled name card with every purchase.

      A bit more about me…

      My poles are 175cm tall

      My base is approximately 1metre x 1 metre wide

      My door is approximately 1 metre high

      I only weight 3.5kg

      I encourage an adult to supervise as little humans play inside me

       Oh, and my size can be altered simply by setting me up differently. I come pre-assembled, so all you’ve got to do is lift or lower my poles to your liking! Easy peasy and oh-so-dreamy.

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