Gold Cloud & Enchanted Square Gift Set

Dino-mite & Dreamer - Travel back in time and discover golden treasures!

Looking for the perfect gift for your little explorer who loves to soar with the great dinos? You’ve come to the right and most wonderful place! This ‘Dino-mite & Dreamer’ gift set is perfect for keeping your little one busy as you tick off your to-do list. Set it up, fill it with their favourite toys and books and you’re all good to go!

We’ve put together the perfect gift set where they can stomp, chomp and ride with Theodore the Triceratops or Valerie the Velociraptor. Featuring our Gold Cloud Teepee and Enchanted Square play mat, this gift set is perfect for a little one whose imagination travels far, far away.

Our Gold Cloud Teepee comes in a stylish mix of navy and metallic gold. With a balance of calm and creativity, it’s perfect for the explorers and treasure-seekers who also enjoy a little glitz and glam! Made with high-quality cotton canvas, the Gold Cloud comes pre-assembled so adventures can begin right away!

The Enchanted Square play mat will give them extra comfort as they roam, run, jump and hit any bumps! Made from 100% cotton soft jersey material with fluffy faux fur, it’s the perfect sidekick to the Gold Cloud Teepee, both creating a safe space where imaginations can wander and run wild.

This lightweight and portable gift set is ready for an adventure anywhere in the home. Whether in the playroom, bedroom or living room, it creates an enchanted environment where little ones can be their delightful dinosaur-like selves! Ps: Save time gift-wrapping as this teepee comes in a beautiful encased gift tube and the play mat in a stunning cased matt black sleeve. Give your little one more than just a gift, give them a roaring time they’ll always remember.

Cattywampus Gold Cloud Enchanted Square Gift Set kids birthday giftCattywampus Gold Cloud Enchanted Square Gift Set Birthday present

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