It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

Remember those butterflies you would get on Christmas morning? The excitement of knowing that you were moments away from unwrapping your new favourite toys. What could it be? A doll? A basketball hoop or perhaps a trampoline? Oh what joy it is to see the excitement and anticipation in your children’s eyes on Christmas morning.

This year let us dive into the magic of Christmas alongside our kids through the imagination and excitement of storytelling!

As we approach the season of believing it is even more important to encourage our kids to imagine, believe and dream! To make the wonder of elves and advent calendars last as long as possible. To soak up the joy our kids experience each silly season!

The whole month of December is filled with storytelling. Stories about jolly old Santa and his mischievous reindeers or the hard working elves that will know if your naughty or nice! Sharing the magic we all experienced as a child on Christmas is one of the highlights of being a adult. Christmas is fueled by the magic of gingerbread houses, advent calendars and the love to hate Elf on the Shelf. Let’s ignite that magic by delving into stories about fairies and elves in the north pole and perhaps Rudolph's latest adventure in candy cane land!


 Imagination begins for our children from our storytelling! So this festive season we are filling the stockings with plenty of books! Great storytelling creates characters and worlds in front of your kids eyes, teaching them to imagine a realm of possibilities. Storytelling allows your child to fly with the birds, swim with the dolphins and fight an ogre with their special powers all in one go! No matter what age you or your child is, getting lost in a story or daydream is priceless.

Storytelling is also a great way to introduce your child to Christmas traditions around the world! Perhaps spend a night telling them about the different ways people celebrate Christmas or each night could be themed to particular countries! Teach them about the origin of St. Nicholas in Germany or the magic of Christmas cookie baking in Switzerland. Use this opportunity to encourage your child to delve into the magical spirit of Christmas that brings the whole world together!

Creating a special place that the two of you spend time together each night to read and play will create so many memories this holiday season and for many years to come. So let’s imagine your little one running down the stairs on Christmas morning to see a Cattywampus teepee full of their new toys, books and adventures! 



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