How to set up your kids party

The big day is coming up. You’ve been doing your research and yet, your to-do list and budget seems to be growing against your will!
Hold on, we’ve got you.


Planning your kid’s next party is no easy feat. We know it because we’ve been there. There’s the cake, balloons, décor, guest list, activities and real life happening in between. That is why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you, not only get through but to enjoy the process and have some fun along the way! We’ve added some links to our favourite party-perfect stores because hey, you don’t have to do everything on your own.

In this blog post, we’ve put together a LUXE BLOW-ME-AWAY THEME that’s perfect for everything from a baby shower to a kindy graduation or birthday party!

How to set up kids birthday party

We went with pops of navy, baby pink and rose gold touches, plus a Snow Dust teepee to give it the perfect balance of cosiness! The teepee can be incorporated as a party piece or it could even be a surprise birthday gift for your little one! We chose a variety of gold foil balloon pieces as a contemporary yet classy piece of the setup. We are absolutely in love with this style because it creates such a stylish setup without breaking the bank, or your back.

How to set up your kids Birthday Party

Now, for cake…because, what’s a party without something sweet? We decided on a donut cake from LaManna Patisserie and extra donuts from Taylor Made Gourmet on a donut stand – how cute is that! We are super excited to share this amazing stand from The Donut Wall Stylist. It’s such a clever way to feature food as a decorative art piece and you can fill it with all your favourite flavours! If you’ve got a cookie monster at your party, don’t worry, Cookies by Julia will have all their cravings satisfied. These cookies can be personalised to suit your party and your guests are bound to love a treat that’s crafted in taste and design.

For something ‘smashing’, we chose the Smash Swan Cake from the team at Smash Cake Melbourne. It did not disappoint. The cake looked so good from the outside, we almost didn’t want to smash it but the delicious lollies on the inside made it all worth it. Did we mention that it comes with its own hammer too? This is truly fun food! Oh, and of course, beautiful cakes deserve beautiful stands, so we got ours from On Trend Event Hire. It made the cakes pop while adding a touch of luxe to the table.

Kids Birthday Party IdeasKids Birthday Cake IdeasKids Birthday PartyKids Birthday Party Ideas

For the balloon background, we used…

  • 150 balloons in different sizes (we used light pink, pops of navy, burgundy and rose gold to match the luxe theme)
  • Fishing line from Bunnings
  • Hanging hooks from Bunnings or your local hardware store
  • Glue dots from Bunnings or stationery store such as Officeworks
  • Air pump

How to make a balloon garland

Steps to create the blow-me-away balloon setup:

  1. Blow up all the balloons and tie the ends. Get your little one to help you out with this task and make it a fun little competition! We used an air pump for most of the balloons and inflated the gold foil ones with helium at our local party supply store. It takes about 3 hours to blow all balloons, so make sure you make time for this or do it the day before.

  2. On the party day, adjust the hooks on the wall – we used 3 hooks to keep it secure.

  3. Measure and cut the fishing line to the length you want for the feature.

  4. Thread the fishing line through a needle. Then, using the needle, thread the large balloons together by going through the ends. Mix up the colours and have a bit of fun with it!

  5. Once the balloons are threaded, hang them to the hooks on the wall.

  6. Now for the really fun part… Using glue dots, attach more balloons onto the existing balloons on the wall. Keep adding until you get your desired look!

  7. Let your imagination run wild by mixing up the colours and balloon sizes. Ask your little one for some direction and see where they take you! Be sure to use different textures to achieve that luxe yet playful feel.

How to make a balloon garland kids birthday party

When it’s all done, stand back, give yourself a pat on the back and admire your stunning party setup. You did it! Your kids will love you for it and we’re pretty sure your guest will ask for some handy tips.
Now that you’re all set, put on your fancy dress and let’s get this party started!

DONUT CAKE - LaManna Patisserie

DONUTS - Taylor Made Gourmet

SWAN SMASH CAKE - Smash Cake Melbourne

DONUT STAND - The Donut Wall Stylist

COOKIES - Cookies by Julia

CAKE STANDS - On Trend Event Hire

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