Adjusting your new teepee

Remember building blanket forts as a kid? Hiding behind Mum’s couch and escaping into a different world where the elephants have stripes like bumblebees?

What about those moments spent creating floral wreaths and instantly transforming yourself into the Forest Queen with your helpful sidekick, Tigger who could bounce on his tail!

There is so much joy and creativity in imagination, it is so important to give kids the space to foster the feeling and have fun while they’re at it. This is why we’ve created the perfect Kids Teepee Tent and it’s here to tell you all about its wonderful self! Here we go:

Hello! Like everyone in the real world, I get my portrait taken too (see above) and I was dressed up really well by the humans at Cattywampus. I’d love to see what could do with your very own teepee but first, a little bit about me! 

Made from 100% cotton canvas, I am a durable structure that can withstand the craziest of fun and time travel through space! My beech timber poles keep me grounded and rubber stoppers make sure your little ones are kept safe as their imaginations run wild. I also make the perfect snooze and slumber zone after all that fun!

Now, let me tell you a little bit more about what I’m like on the inside. I’ve got a window with a flap so you can have a little peek into your little human’s world (shh..I won’t tell) and if you look closely, you’ll see a Secret Pocket for all the treasures they’ll discover on their adventures.

I even come with a gold foiled name card with your tent (FREE with every purchase, so don’t forget to add your little human’s name during checkout)!


Just take me out of my tube, spread me out and adjust my rope slightly so I can look my best! Here’s a little hint: for me to sit correctly, my rope should look like it does in the picture below. If you do move my rope up, it’ll make the play space smaller or if you push it down, it makes the space larger so you get more room for your imagination. Setting up a Teepee has never been so easy! I come pre-assembled, so it only takes a few steps before your space station is all ready for takeoff.

Aside from imagination, you can also fill this Teepee with your favourite treasures! It could be Fairy Lights to send signals to your winged friends as they take flight or cushions so you can lay back and stare at the universe you’ve created. Maybe add in a play mat or throw rugs so it feels really snug and a string of garlands to remind you there’s plenty of universes to explore!

Of course, it’s impossible to forget your little human’s favourite toys – whether it’s a truck, a doll, a superhero or a happy duck, make sure they’re taking their best friend on every adventure.

Give your child the space they dream of and a space where all their most amazing dreams can come true. 

Check out how easy I am to assemble watching our video below: 



The Teepee of Endless Adventures


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