How to style your Navy Blue Teepee

                “ It’s not just a teepee, it’s a rocket made from fabric that orbits Jupiter stopping only once a year to pick up space elephants. Fuelled by dreams and cookies”
   – The Imaginations Playground
Cattywampus Kids Birthday Gift Idea Teepee Tent

We have had so many requests on what the best way is to style our Gold Cloud Teepee. Fear not! It is super easy to create a perfectly styled room with this one of a kind Teepee.

With Navy Blue and gold metallic detailing, it makes the perfect addition to your little ones bedroom as well the playroom or even the lounge room! When designing our Teepee’s, we wanted to make sure they fit flawlessly into the home décor! Phew.. No more daggy toys! We are proud to say, your new kids play space is going to look amazing in your home!

Boys Teepee Birthday Gift Blue Teepee

One question we get asked all the time: is the Gold Cloud only popular for boys? Good question! Gold Cloud has been a super popular choice for the little men in our lives, however fear not! We have had so many of our customers purchase this one of a kind teepee for girls too! Navy and pops of pink work perfectly! So be creative and don’t be afraid to pair the two.


Another question we get asked a lot is what colour is Gold Cloud! Is it blue, is it black? We can definitely confirm; it is navy blue. We sourced the perfect navy colour and paired it with a gorgeous gold metallic print. The ties on the front are also navy blue. 

So how to style it? Good question. While some may think it is difficult to style, we are here to tell you.. It is super easy.


Ready for some tips?


Boys Teepee Tent Birthday Gift Cattywampus

Lets get started with the inside, our Teepee’s are made for your little human to unleash their imagination! So it makes sense to fill your teepee up with all your little humans favourite treasures, so they are all set to take off to the moon!

Here we have paired our Gold Cloud Teepee with some navy blue cushions, these have complimented the teepee perfectly! We purchased these from Adairs.

We also wanted to add a touch of personalisation and break up the colours by adding a white cushion from Luvi Shell. To add some fun, we added some cute animal cushions from Country Road.

Boys Teepee Tent Birthday Gift Cattywampus

Another popular choice of colour scheme for Gold Cloud is adding some pops of pink, we played around with some pink tones. We used pink, navy and grey and it combined beautifully! 

We have also collated some images from our beautiful customers – Be sure to check them out for some more inspiration!

Kids Teepee Tent Boys Teepee Birthday Gift

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