Why is Imagination so important?

Imagination – it is the spark that starts it all. It’s what turns a box into a race car, a cloth into a cape or a laundry basket into an impenetrable princess castle! It’s also what sparked the thought in famous creators, a simple “what if?”, a hope for the future and a belief that you can make it happen.

It’s the ability to see what the world needs and answer it in our own unique ways. Some days, the world needs ballerina dinosaurs to show our little humans anything is possible. Other days, the world just needs a safe space where you can be whoever you want to be but one thing remains true - every day, the world needs a little more imagination.

There’s so much happening around us these days, we often lose sight of the magic and wonder we once had as kids. We forget what it was like to serve up tea and biscuits to Mr.Brown Bear because he never misses a tea party.

We forget what it was like to stare up at the clouds and see a bunny with the biggest, fluffiest tail Somewhere along the way, we traded our crayons for keyboards and left behind the courage to imagine that anything and everything is possible, like a rainbow-coloured mountain.

That’s the magic of imagination and why it matters, because it’s the first page of every amazing story. Let’s bring it back for our little humans, and for us.  

So why does Imagination matter? 

Imagination sparks Imagination 

A small thought could be the start of something bigger. It’s the ability to imagine if we could see another person across the world simply with a push of a button – Apple’s FaceTime.  It’s the imagining that we could soar like the birds – airplanes, that we could have almost all the answers – Google! It’s holding space for the mind to wander and discover what the world needs and then making it happen.


Imagination brings hope

It allows us to look at a situation and think of an alternative. Imagine no terrorism, poverty and pain. Imagine if we just started by being kinder to each other. Imagine what that would do. Imagination changes things and allows us to see a different picture – it brings hope that things can get better.

Imagination is pure magic 

After a long day at work, imagine coming home to your little human who’s invites you into their world. In this imaginary world, there’s no stress, just best friends, beds made of cotton candy, a boat that looks like an eggplant. Odd, we know but doesn’t it put a smile on your face? Imagine them taking you through this world and imagine the weight of the real world melt away.

STOP Imagining.. 

We know, the headline is pretty controversial but what we really mean to say is, YOU can make it happen! There’s no need to imagine all of this because it can come true, and it all starts with a teepee… but not just any teepee.
This is the teepee that sparks imagination. One that allows you to forget the world outside as you escape behind magic doors to meet your funny friends. It’s that safe space where you loved to be as a kid, where you could be anyone, anything and anywhere!

Kids still long for a secure spot where they can fully be their wonderful selves. It’s those moments where we peek into their rooms and see them lost in another world. That’s what this treat-of-a-teepee is for.

There’s no need for sewing scraps of old sheets together, just add a simple and adorable teepee to the room and you’re soon off on new, exciting adventure!

Teepees are just the start for us in Cattywampus but it stemmed from a vision of our imaginations and we want to share it with you! It’s a beautiful space for you and your little human to share some quiet time together, to read, play or put on a puppet show for daddy!

It could also simply be a space to relax or used as a shaded outdoor play tent! On some lucky nights, you can have a ‘sleepover’ in the backyard and share your favourite imaginative stories.

These ideas are just the beginning because once again, with a teepee in your home and hands, it’s all left up to your imagination!

So, tell us, what you’d like to create or what you think your child would discover and innovate in their Teepee of Tremendous Treasures.


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