Meet our brand new Playmats

Christmas is right around the corner.. so we’re welcoming some new exciting adventures - for us and your little one! We’ve been receiving plenty of requests for comfy and stylish play mats that compliment our teepees, and we’re proud to be launching not one, but THREE new mats! These three new designs fit our teepees perfectly and turns any space in your home into that special spot where your little human can unleash their wildest imagination. 

After plenty of research and testing, we’ve received the green light from our helpful crew: Mr.Fluffbottoms, our squirrel friend approves of the softness, Mr.GrandGiraffe, our style guru agrees that it’s stylish enough to fit any space and Ms.WigglyWombat fell asleep as she was testing the mat for comfort. We think those results speak for themselves but we’d still like to tell you a little bit more about each mat.

Here we go!


Float & fly your way to new adventures, the universe is yours to discover! 

Kids play mat cattywampus faux fur christmas gift idea teepee tent

Our square mat comes in a soft grey colour and a reversible side with fluffy, white faux fur. Style it in different ways on different days, depending on what your little human would like to do! It’s filled with soft polyester, making sure your little one can enjoy being wild and free, yet still comfy! With a size of 1x1m, it fits perfectly into the based of our teepees but can also be used as a separate, decorative piece. 

Kids playmat white faux fur grey cattywampus christmas gift teepee tent


Grow your dreams on this little leaf

Kids playmat grey leaf mat cattywampus christmas gift teepee tent

This little leaf is perfect for planting big dreams. Sit on it, dream on it or float away on a rainbow river, if that’s where your little human would like to go! It comes in a classy and versatile Charcoal Grey, making it especially easy to fit in with any modern home decor. The unique leaf shape makes this an extra special space for your child to be left alone with their thoughts, dream, adventures and exploration. With it’s soft and comfy polyester filling, you can double this one up as a play mat or a cute quilt. 

Kids playmat grey leaf mat cattywampus christmas gift teepee tent


Take your imagination on a never-ending journey

Kids playmat pink circle mat cattywampus christmas gift teepee tent

Here’s one that’s made for endless fun with your little one. Let their imagination go round in never-ending playground circles as they discover something new and exciting with every adventure they take! This soft, round piece comes in pink, which adds touch of tenderness to any room and fits perfectly with our teepees. We’ve filled it with soft polyester for precious little bums, so you can use it as a playmat, a snooze station for quiet afternoons or a dreamy base for all their discoveries. 

Kids playmat pink circle mat cattywampus christmas gift teepee tent

Other seriously fun features:

Our new mats aren’t just soft and comfy, it has so much more to it. We’ve put plenty of thought into making sure it’s the perfect space for mum, dad and bubs to play and stay all day. 

It’s perfect for home with floor boards or tiles, making sure your little human always has a soft place to land. We’ve also designed our play mats with precious newborns in mind. It’s great for encouraging babies to spend tummy time down on the floor, which is important for development, helping them strengthen their neck, core muscles and upper body. Watch them reach new milestones as they play and soon, you’ll see them sit up or even, crawl away! 

Kids playmat white faux fur mat cattywampus christmas gift teepee tent

It’s a unique space your child can call their own, where they can set up a tea party or turn it into a slippy, sliding boat going through jelly land! It’s everything and anything they want it to be and when they’re worn out from all their playing and dreaming, it’s perfect for a little snooze.

Kids playmat pink circle mat cattywampus christmas gift teepee tent

With its classic, soft tones, it doesn’t only fit with our teepees but it’s perfect any home! Dress it up with your little human’s favourite toys, add some fluffy throw pillows and don’t forget their favourite blankie! Have some fun styling it up and you could even get your little bubs to help! 

Kids playmat grey leaf mat cattywampus christmas gift teepee tent

We’re so excited to share these new mats with you and even more excited for you to own one of your own! 

P/s: they also make great gifts for expecting mums, or as a memorable gift for a very lucky grandchild! 

Love, the team from Cattywampus X

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