Pearly Moon & Opal Leaf Gift Set

A roarsome party - Where imaginations run wild!

Looking for the perfect gift for your little human? You’ve come to the right and most wonderful place!

This ‘Roarsome Party’ gift set is perfect for keeping your little one busy as you tick off your to-do list. Set it up, fill it with their favourite toys and books and you’re all good to go! Easy, peasy and oh-so pretty.

Watch your little one fill playtime with roaring laughter and happy trots as they explore a jungle of fun! Will they stumble upon George the Gorilla, Maisy the Monkey or make a few new furry friends? This perfect combo will have them all prepped and set to explore.

Featuring our bestselling teepee - Pearly Moon, and our comfy, quilted play mat - Opal Leaf, this gorgeous combination makes gift-giving a breeze! The tepee comes in a beautiful encased gift tube and the play mat in a stunning cased matte black sleeve. The two spectacular pieces are bound to make an impression and fit beautifully into any space.

Our Pearly Moon Teepee comes in an all-white fabric with grey chevron designs - simple enough to fit in yet stunning enough to stand out in bedrooms, playrooms or lounges. The Opal Leaf Play Mat comes in a soft grey tone, making it a stylish and comfy piece that’s made from 100% cotton soft jersey material.

Give your little one more than just a gift. Give them the place and space to let their imagination go wild! Invite them to put on their exploring boots, grab their hats and compasses because we’re off to explore to the joyful jungle and see what new creatures our imaginations have conjured. Let’s go!

Cattywampus Pearly Moon Opal Leaf Gift set for Birthday present white teepee tentCattywampus Pearly Moon Opal Leaf Gift set teepee tent for birthday present

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