By Popular demand..

The Cattywampus fairies have heard your requests, read your e-mails and seen your wishes written in the night sky. We’ve gathered with the experts of all things pretty and fun and decided that we’ll be launching new teepee designs for Christmas! 

Yes, you read that right - two exclusive Cattywampus designs that your little human can play, explore and grow in! After plenty of research, discussions and countless plates of cookies over meetings, we’ve discovered the designs we’d love to share with you. 

Are you as ready as we are? Here we go!

Pure and elegant, perfect for every interior - Say hello to Snow Dust 

Kids Teepee Snow Dust Christmas Gift Cattywampus

We’ve had countless requests asking for an all-white Teepee and we’re proud to say, you are heard! We understand that every home and space is unique, like a precious snowflake and we wanted to create a Teepee that could be customised and styled to suit your very own space. However, it wasn’t just about finding the perfect cloth in white! Most might assume ‘white is white’ but there are actually hundreds of shades! We made sure that we found the perfect shade to fit any home and decor. We’re over the moon as we introduce this all-white 100% cotton canvas with crisp white stitches. It still features all the things you loved about our Teepees - window with a flap, a pocket, ties at the entrance and of course, it still comes pre-assembled, 

Snow Dust Kids Teepee Christmas Gift Cattywampus 

One of the highlights of the white Teepee is being able to add as much or as little colour to it. If you’re going for a nurturing, quiet space for your little human, we suggest going with pastel shades of mint, pink and grey. Add some soft pillows and cuddly throws to create that perfect, safe hideaway for all days. 

The perfect grey nest that’s here to stay - Introducing Wild Dove 

Wild Dove Kids Teepee Christmas Gift Cattywampus

Ah, grey, it’s that peaceful place between white and black. It’s a neutral and comforting colour that’s a rising trend in interior design. When we were thinking of the perfect grey, we wanted something that was unique, soft, and would blend perfectly with your little human’s decor. We had so much fun finding the perfect shade and discovered that it truly works with everything! The colour itself is calming and nurturing, helping you and your little one slow down from a full day of play and running around. The Wild Dove teepee is a sanctuary for both you and your little one and it’s perfectly easy to set up as it comes pre-assembled and features all your favourite things about our Teepees.

Wild Dove Kids Teepee Christmas Gift Cattywampus 

The Wild Dove Teepee is equally easy to style and we love a pop of emerald green to go with it. If you’re looking for something softer, try pairing the setup with baby blue pillows, white throws or even a blush pink blanket. Just picturing it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, already!

We can’t wait for you and your little human to enjoy these designs as much as we do, so we’d like to do something really special and make sure you get it in time for Christmas! All you have to do is pre-order your choice of Teepee now and we’ll deliver it in the first week of December. It would make the perfect Christmas gift for your little human to wake up to and begin exploring a whole new world. 


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about your gift… 

The first 10 pre-orders will receive a special 10% off their new Teepee! Now, that’s a merry happy, beautiful Christmas for you and your family! 

* Wild Dove - WILDDOVE10
* Snow Dust - SNOWDUST10

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