Styling your Grey Teepee

“A cosy grey nest where dreams can fly away on, or where heads can lay after long adventures through time and space” – The Wild Dove Teepee

Looking for some new ways to style your Wild Dove Teepee? We have added some tips and ways to help create a designer space for your little human! 

 It’s made in a soft grey tone, which nestles itself in the perfect spot between black and white. This neutral and comforting colour is on the rise in interior design and is easy to fit with your child’s bedroom, playroom or lounge room. It makes the perfect hideaway for a little snooze or play and is surely big enough for your little one’s imagination to run wild!

Kids Grey Teepee Tent birthday gift cattywampus

So who is this one of a kind Teepee for? Glad you asked.. It is for every little dreamer! Boys and Girls, grey is such a versatile colour that can be paired with pretty much everything! Going for a neutral theme, then grey is perfect! Want to add a touch of blue? Yep, Wild Dove matches perfectly. Or even pink? Did someone say pastel pink and grey is a match made in heaven! 

As this grey teepee is one of a kind - It has been extremely popular! Wild Dove has definitely become one of our most popular teepee's since its release! 

Kids Grey Teepee Tent Birthday Gift Cattywampus

Some may think grey is a bit hard to style.. But let us tell you! It is super easy.. Ready for some tips? 

Let's get started with decorating the inside of our teepee. We have decided to pair it with some beautiful soft pale green and grey colours. Don't forget to add some texture, with some textured cushions and throw rugs. 

Here are some of our favourite picks on re-creating this look

Kids Grey Teepee Tent Birthday Gift CattywampusDon't be afraid to pair Wild Dove with pops of green and grey textures. We find that adding different textures, adds fun, warmth and imagination! 

Another look we are loving at the moment is adding blush pink tones with grey! It suits so well and is the perfect addition to your little girls room! Wild Dove, isn't just for the little man in our life! 

Take a look here: 

Kids Grey Teepee Tent Birthday Gift Cattywampus

Grey and pink are a match made in heaven! They pair so well, so don't be afraid to experiment with the two colours. Don't forget to add textures to complete the look! To recreate the look here, you can play around with the below products: 

Kids Grey Teepee Tent Birthday Gift Cattywampus

So what are you waiting for? Ready to give your little human a Wild Dove Teepee of Imagination? You can purchase here


We would love to see how you design and decorate your Wild Dove Teepee! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram and share your images with us. 

Lots of love 

Cattywampus X

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